Keynote Speaker

Marvelless Mark’s Opportunity Rocks is a Motivational Presentation & So Much More!

It‘s an energetic, funny & interactive keynote event where your attendees will have the time of their lives becoming business rock stars. Opportunity Rocks reveals the innovative success secrets that created the household names like The Rolling Stones, Jay Z, Lady Gaga and Aerosmith.

Using the same techniques as these bona fide rock stars, you’ll discover how to reinvent and revolutionize your own business.

Your attendees will become business rock stars by learning how to…

  • Create a grand VISION

  • Build ACTION-Oriented culture

  • Channel uniqueness into huge growth

  • Drive and lead CHANGE

  • Use the 3 keys of awesome teamwork

  • Change the rules that need changing

Mark Kamp aka Marvelless Mark

International Speaker, Author, Motivator

Marvelless Mark is the stage name of entrepreneur and entertainment success, Mark Kamp, Combining the work ethic of a Missouri farm boy with the stage persona of a rock star, Mark created an innovative, extraordinarily successful business.

He did it using the business secrets of the greatest rock stars of all time– the same principles he teaches in Opportunity Rocks.