A Rock Star can be anyone in any industry who has earned fame, admiration, and success by being the best at what s/he does.

That’s what Opportunity Rocks, Marvelless Mark’s latest book is about:

Helping You Achieve Rock Star Status In Your Career & Your Life.

Marvelless Mark will show you seven “chords”- key concepts you need to master in order to make the most of your talents, set the right goals, manage change, and motivate other people. If you can play these chords every day, you can rock your life.

Ask Yourself:

How am I going to be brilliant today? Tomorrow? Everyday from now on?

Whether your goal is to climb the charts with business performance and productivity or make beautiful music on the home front, Opportunity Rocks will give you the tools to make it happen including:
  • Using failure to educate and feed ambitions
  • Pushing past fear to seize opportunities
  • Embracing your vision and committing to it
  • Challenging yourself
  • Growing an initial fan base, understanding your fans and how to reach them
  • Developing a strong, positive energy

Marvelless Mark has inspired thousands with his interactive and entertaining keynote, Opportunity Rocks. And now your attendees can experience Opportunity Rocks at your event and then take the book home to learn even more!

Delving more deeply into success stories of actual rock stars, Opportunity Rocks the book offers new fascinating case histories, additional inspiring quotations, and even step-by-step exercises everyone can use to help them on their journey to become a business rock star.