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Encourage Teamwork to Motivate Millennial Workers

These days, fewer employees want to come to the office and work for 8 hours with their head down. If you are looking to motivate millennial employees, consider incorporating collaborative projects and promoting teamwork in the workplace. Millennials have grown up in a completely connected world. From social media to video games, they are rarely […]

5 Fun Ways to Motivate Millennial Workers

You know that memo that went out about 30 years ago saying that work shouldn’t be fun? Millennials never got that memo. If you want to motivate millennial workers, you’ll want to incorporate a sense of play into your business. You already know that millennials are looking for more than a paycheck. They want work […]

Allow Multitasking to Motivate Millennial Workers

You may think that an employee who is surfing the internet is slacking on the job, but did you ever consider that it was actually improving their performance? As managers adjust to the newest generation in the workforce, they are finding that in order to motivate millennial workers, they must release the old expectation that […]

Can Philanthropy Motivate Millennial Workers?

In order to motivate millennial workers, you need to understand that they are influenced by more than just a paycheck. This generation wants to know that they are contributing to a better future for their community and their world. According to the Millennial Impact Report, millennial engagement in philanthropic causes is rising. Companies that embrace […]

Can Flexibility Motivate Millennial Workers?

You want your company to be appealing to millennial workers. After all, they are the largest growing segment of the workforce. How can you attract employees to join your company and how can you ensure the rock star performance that you need to launch your business into the future? Millennials strive to maintain a work/life […]

How to Lead and Motivate Millennial Workers

Sit down in any boardroom and you’re likely to hear management complaining that they don’t know how to motivate millennial workers. The generation, often considered to be those born between 1981 and 1999, has gotten a bad rap throughout the years. Dubbed “selfish” or “entitled,” many managers see their Millenial workers as a hindrance to […]

Celebrate to Improve Employee Morale

Do you remember how good it felt when you accomplished something as a child? Maybe you performed in a concert, got straight A’s, or scored the winning goal for your soccer team. Chances are, you got ice cream or a new toy to celebrate. When it comes to improving employee morale, we need to take […]