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Share Your Why to Improve Employee Morale

If your company has been in business for more than a week, you probably have a pretty good idea of what you do and why you do it. However, if you want to improve employee morale, you’ll have to take this one step further. In Simon Sinek’s viral TED talk “How Great Leaders Inspire Action,” […]

Listen to Your Team and Improve Employee Morale

Think about a time in your life where you had absolutely no control over a situation. Your opinion wasn’t taken into consideration and you felt as if you didn’t matter. Were you happy? Or were you angry, resentful, and lethargic? If you are looking to improve employee morale on your team, it’s time to make […]

7 Ways to Improve Employee Morale by Having More Fun

Sure, your employees are all adults. But that doesn’t mean that they don’t still like to have fun. An excellent way to boost employee morale is to ensure that your office is a playful, pleasant environment for your team to flourish in. Work is important, but when you take everything too seriously, your employees will […]

Offer Unique Benefits to Improve Employee Morale

The days of employees being satisfied with just a paycheck and health insurance are over. If you truly want to improve employee morale, you need to think creatively about the benefits you offer your team. Have you ever heard about rock stars writing specific requirements into their contracts like fresh underwear, B-12 shots, or m&m’s […]

Paid Volunteer Time to Improve Employee Morale

While “making money” will likely always be the number one reason that employees show up for work, it’s certainly not the only one. If you want to improve employee morale, you need to understand what makes your team members tick. Often, it’s a desire for purpose and to know that they are making a difference […]

Improve Employee Morale with Pets in the Office

When you look at your desk, you probably have photos of your spouse, your children, and your pets. While employees sometimes appreciate a few hours away from the human members of the family, most miss having their favorite pet snuggled up in their lap or snoozing loudly from the nearest piece of furniture. If you […]

Flexible Work Schedules Can Improve Employee Morale

Have you ever considered offering flexible hours to your employees? If you’re looking for a way to boost employee morale, this might be the perfect solution. Your team is filled with business rock stars with amazing amounts of talent. You just have to find the right way to inspire them. Can you imagine requiring actual […]

How Do I Improve Employee Morale?

Is your morning stroll into the office starting to feel more like a walk down death row? You know that your team is capable of rock star performance, but your department as a whole is suffering because employee morale is low. Your employees are just not happy. There’s nothing worse than a bunch of unhappy […]