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How to Use Metrics to Improve Sales Performance

You’ve been working hard to improve your team’s sales performance, but how do you know if it’s really paying off? Are your employees reaching their goals? Obviously, you can look at your weekly sales numbers and see if they are increasing as quickly as you’d like. But, there are other metrics that you need to […]

Celebrate Failure to Improve Sales Performance

The reports are in and your team’s numbers don’t look so hot. You need to improve sales performance, and you need to do it quickly. As a sales manager, you are like the lead singer of a band, tasked with inspiring your bandmates to reach their full rock star potential. But how? There are systems […]

3 Steps to Improve Sales Performance Through Goal Setting

You’ve just finished quarterly reviews and your team’s sales performance isn’t quite what you’d hoped for. Your team members are stressed, overwhelmed, and disheartened by their numbers and they are looking to you for support and motivation. Thankfully, there are steps you can take to improve your goal setting process and help your team uncover […]

Top 9 Ways to Improve Sales Performance

You know that when the quarterly or yearly numbers are in and the books are examined, the success of the company will fall on your shoulders as well as your team’s. You want to please the higher-ups with sales performance, but with a constantly changing economic environment and a sales team made up of different […]

Is Your Success Real or an Illusion?

Have you ever questioned the line between illusion and reality? Billy Riggs straddles this line every day. A master magician, illusionist, spellbinding entertainer, friend and colleague. Billy uses magic and humor to tackle the most important topics in business and personal development, showing audiences that the roadblocks standing between them and their goals are just […]