Be a Rock Star in Business and Beyond

This is an excerpt from Opportunity Rocks!

opportunity-rocks1“I’ll bet nobody has to tell you what a rock star is. Say the word and your thoughts go immediately to your favorite band or solo artist—to bright lights, blistering guitar chords, screaming girls, and wildly tossing hair.

Maybe you picture Mick Jagger strutting across a stage, or Steven Tyler howling into the mic. Maybe you think of Lady GaGa’s glittering costumes, Natalie Merchant’s smooth vocals. No matter the musician you envision, the point is, you know who they are and what they represent—talent, success, respect, and the really good tables at trendy restaurants.

Think about it—the word “rock star” has become a metaphor for the same reason. A rock star can be anyone in any industry who has earned fame, admiration, and success by being the best at what they do. That’s what this book is about: helping you become the best at what you do and achieving rock star status in your career and your life.

Rock ‘n’ roll legends have a lot to teach us, and not just about how to trash a hotel room. Music is a business. Most truly successful musicians understand that you have to treat it like a business and find a way to keep your passion for the music at the same time. The artists who excel at this become rock stars.

The rock legends, the icons, the geniuses of music all have a story. They started out with little or nothing; they had challenges along the way. Each one had a never surrender, never give up attitude. These are the people who hung in there, no matter what, and eventually became the legends they are today.

You have more in common with them than you think. At some point, maybe when you were in school, you decided on the career path you wanted to take, and now you’re on that journey. You face challenges and setbacks. But you have made it this far, and you can use your talents and determination to get further if you make smart choices and you don’t give up. We can take the ideas and techniques of those legendary musicians and apply them to just about any field to help you become a rock star, too.”