One Success Strategy That Will Propel Your Profits and Productivity To Outer Space

During the holiday season, one word is kicked around more than any other. No, it’s not “sale,” it’s “Gratitude.” If you’re like most individuals, you understand (though don’t entirely embrace) the concept of gratitude. You know being grateful and counting your blessings has innumerable benefits… but it’s so much easier to complain! This doesn’t just […]

How Do Rock Star Organizations Keep And Attract Top Talent In A Labor Shortage World?

    Employee engagement has always been a challenge for organizations. It takes time, effort, money, and now a great vibe or company culture to attract top talent. Once you’ve done that, the trick is keeping them happy, engaged, productive, and loyal. With employee turnover rates on the rise, it’s becoming more and more apparent […]

The Speaking Channel Makes Public Speaking Nothing To Fear

If you asked a group of random people to list their greatest fear, for many it would be a fear of public speaking. Yet in so many walks of life ranging business presentations to job interview to sales training exercises and some other variations on the theme, we are called upon to do just that.

How Teamwork Can Improve Your Workplace

As famed anthropologist Margaret Mead once said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” Behind every well-functioning office is a team that works well together.

Four Ways Rock Star Energy Can Add To Your Workplace

When you think of rock n’ roll, business probably doesn’t immediately come to mind. But, in actuality, businesspeople can learn a lot by looking at rock stars and incorporating what makes them successful onstage into the workplace.

Five Reasons To Hire A Professional Emcee For Your Special Event

Whether marketing seminar, awards ceremony or something else entirely, you want your special event to go off without a hitch. One element that can make or break your event is the master of ceremonies.