Three Ways Rock Stars Overcome Imposter Syndrome

It’s hard to believe that rockstars, individuals who (intentionally) stand up on stage in front of thousands of fans, could battle with confidence… yet they do. Doc Coyle, the guitarist for the band Bad Wolves, said, “Self-belief is not about having irrational confidence or delusions of grandeur. It’s persevering in spite of the fact that […]

How To Leverage Dopamine, To Create Rock Star Motivation!

Imagine the roar of the crowd as you step out on stage, guitar in hand. Thousands of people are screaming your name and you can feel your heart pounding in your chest. The energy in the stadium is palpable as you step in front of your mic and take a deep breath.  You are a […]

How To Get Out Of The Comparison Rut !!

Can you imagine The Beatles sitting around comparing themselves to The Rolling Stones? If you paid attention to the media of their day, you’d probably say yes. (Though their supposed rivalry was nothing more than a way to get their fanbases worked up to buy more albums.) In reality, the two bands were friendly, proud […]

Strategies To Reinvent Your Business Like Rock Stars!

Have you ever noticed that the rock stars with staying power have one thing in common? They purposefully reinvent themselves… constantly. It’s orchestrated evolution. Take Madonna for example. The “Material Girl” we all loved in the ’80s. She has been an actress, mother, yogini, disco diva, Mistress Dita, and now, shows women around the world […]

How To Identify The Rock Stars Within Your Company

  It’s not difficult to identify a rock star on stage. They likely have on tight pants, flashy jewelry, big boots, and a loud hairstyle. Of course, identifying a rock star within your business is a lot harder. However, just because you can’t pick them out at first glance, doesn’t mean that they aren’t there. […]

How To Motivate Your Employees To Be Peak Performance Rock Stars

While not everyone wants to trash a hotel room or break a guitar into pieces in front of thousands of raving fans, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who’d rather not be referred to as a “rock star.” Especially in the business world. There is a reason Steve Jobs formally of Apple uses The […]

How Is Recovery Time Important to Performance & Creativity In Your Business?

Summer is almost over, and if you haven’t already encouraged your team members to take a vacation, you’re missing out. Consider this, rock stars are at the top of their game. They spend countless hours in the studio practicing so they can be their very best musically. They work with trainers to ensure that they […]

How To Achieve Personal Freedom In Your Business Immediately!

How would you like a team full of loyal, enthusiastic employees who are eager to help you achieve your organization’s mission? Last month, we discussed the importance of exercising your personal freedom through saying ‘no,’ letting go of what’s holding you back and ending relationships that no longer serve you. This month, we’re going to […]

How To Achieve Real Personal Freedom In Your Life

There’s a lot of talk about “personal freedom” these days. Exactly what do we have the right to do, say, wear, create, etc.? It seems like we’re constantly being told how to behave and what is and isn’t acceptable. When we look at rock stars and their attitude toward rules and mandates, we may think […]

Developing The Rock Star Mind Set

When you think of the greats, KISS, U2, the Rolling Stones, how do you think they rose to their current levels of stardom? If your immediate thought is “they got lucky,” “they’re extremely talented,” or “they worked harder than anyone else,” you’d be right… and wrong. While this all factored into their success, there’s one […]