The late management expert Peter Drucker really got it right, didn’t he? We believe that change is inevitable in our professional and personal lives, and that it is usually a bad thing.  Make sure that your band has the right attitude about change. That means being able to respond successfully when situations or circumstances change. But more importantly, it means being capable of enacting change in a creative, proactive way. Remember, songs don’t write or play themselves. BANDS make them happen.

Challenging yourselves is one of the healthiest things you can do as a band. In fact, current research on creativity and entrepreneurship suggests that sticking too closely to established ways of doing things can block creativity and make people less able to cope with change.

Basically, when the standard method of handling things doesn’t work for the current problem, they freeze up. Hey, if you play nothing but the same songs over and over, eventually your ability to write new music will deteriorate. To keep yourselves fresh, you must continually challenge yourselves not to do things the same old way.

Don’t wait for your methods to stop working before you feel motivated to try. Be the change!

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