Generation X,Y and B: The New Normal


Rock on to all my business rock stars, social media friends, customers, associates, guests and creditors!!! Marvelless Mark 3.0 is here!!

Some economists say that the recession has been over for years and that the times we are living in now are referred to as the NEW NORMAL! Our customers are demanding better customer service and better pricing for the same or better quality of product/service. More for less! It’s no different than what we expect when we go into a retail store or to a place of business to purchase something. Better quality, better customer service and a better price!

Traveling around the country the last couple years, as a motivational speaker, master of ceremonies, and teambuilding facilitator has given me the opportunity to speak to many different people. I’m hearing the same thing over and over again, people are working twice as hard for half as much money… Is that the new normal? Or is it just the way we do business nowadays?? I’m sure this is not new news to most of you. Sometimes, when I speak I used to warn people that they must change or be changed but, now I say we must change or die!!

For the first time in history we find ourselves catering to three and four different generations all at the same time. These generations are generation X,Y and B (baby-boomers). This is apparent more and more through the events I attend and host, as a corporate entertainer trying to deliver music selection, game shows, team building groups, and more that tailor to all generations at one time. That’s what all of us must do!

As a solution to the NEW NORMAL we are officially making the announcement of the new!! A brand new website designed for Generation’s X,Y & B!

This website is shorter, to the point, has fantastic videos, pictures, downloads it’s easier to navigate, and less confusing!! Please check it out and leave a comment!!

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