I’ve got the moves like Jagger…


You’ve probably heard the popular song by Maroon 5 called “Moves Like Jagger”. If not, you can listen here. Not only is Mick Jagger a rock god, but he’s also a fashion icon. This is even in spite of his somewhat diminutive frame. His fashion, however, displays a confidence in not only his style, but himself as a person.Here are some tips from watching Mick all these years so you can have the “Moves Like Jagger”:

  • First, why is he a style icon? He’s not the portrait of masculinity being just average height with a teeny-tiny frame. He was also exuding confidence in his rocker style in a time when the clean-cut Beatles were more center stage.
  • Fit is key. Jagger pulls off skinny jeans and tight t-shirts because that’s his frame. You don’t want be wearing baggy clothes. It will look sloppy. If you wear clothes that hug your body (not too tightly, of course), you look much more and pulled together and fashion-hip.
  • Combine dark jeans colored jeans with a t-shirt and rocker belt, and you’ll be set to rock the dance floor and impress the ladies!

That’s all it takes. Fit. Confidence. One piece of pizzazz. You can do it! Show us your pictures of your favorite rockin’ outfit over on our Facebook page!


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