Keep your metabolism at ROCKSTAR status!


Rockstar Health- Here are a few New Years tips on keeping your metabolism at Rockstar Status!!! Around the time of New Years resolutions we all plan on shedding that stubborn holiday weight and get our bodies back in “peak performance”.

Well here are some tried and true ways to keep our metabolism rockin’ throughout the day and even the night! During this busy meeting and incentive season it is important to keep our BUSINESS ROCKSTAR juices flowing so we can impact not only clients but co-workers with our infectious energy!!

  • Eat Breakfast– We are all busy people but, breakfast IS the most important meal of the day, without it our bodies go into starvation mode and our metabolism slows to a screeching halt- no one wants that!! Try a mix of lean protein and complex carbs, this type of meal is slower to digest and leaves you feeling fuller for longer!!
  • Drink Cold Water– we all know how important water is but, drinking it cold is key! It takes extra energy to warm that water up, therefore burning more calories!!
  • Pick Protein For Lunch– Protein helps build muscle and muscle burs fat – it’s that simple!!
  • Brew Some Green Tea– the chemical ECGC in green tea is known to speed up the metabolism and promote fat burning, so not only is green tea trendy but, its effective as well!!
  • Have a Snack with Dairy– Calcium helps your body metabolize fat more easily, so low fat calcium rich snack will help your body rid itself of some not needed fat and fill you up as well!!
  • Skip Happy Hour– knockin’ back a cocktail or two puts your fat burning back by 73 percent, this alcohol is used by your body as fuel instead of your fat stores so, put the cocktail down once or twice a week and you will be ahead of the game!!

Some on the go ROCKSTAR HEALTH tips- —Don’t forget weight training and exercise to jump start your metabolism and heart rate!!!  When on sight all hotels have some sort of gym or cardio machines …….USE THEM… or just get up 30 minutes early and walk the property!!! — At the airports walk quickly to your gate and skip the trains, trams and people movers. At the end of the year it all adds up!!!

****Remember, energy is infectious; to your team (band) and the Rock Stars in training all around you. These are just a few tips on how to keep rockin’ and boosting your metabolism after the holidays!! Remember being a rockstar is about balancing your health along with everything else, keeping our body in tip top shape not only helps us look great and boosts our energy but helps us to keep soaring for the tops of the charts!!
Don’t FORGET—-Marvelless Mark® is an expert at brining rock concert energy to your themed events, programs, awards ceremonies and more. Check out our Rock Star Jump Starts and jump start your general sessions! Mark’s energy will help set the tone and pace for the rest of the day and/or meeting!!!

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