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Strategies To Reinvent Your Business Like Rock Stars!

Have you ever noticed that the rock stars with staying power have one thing in common? They purposefully reinvent themselves… constantly. It’s orchestrated evolution. Take Madonna for example. The “Material Girl” we all loved in the ’80s. She has been an actress, mother, yogini, disco diva, Mistress Dita, and now, shows women around the world […]

How To Incorporate A Health And Wellness Program With Drumming

Whenever you sit down to plan a meeting, there are probably a number of questions floating around in your head. “What’s the biggest problem challenging the attendees or my team right now?” “How do I provide the most value for them so they feel good about stepping away from their work for a period of […]

5 Steps to Build Rock Star Energy in Your Business

It’s been a while since we’ve had the opportunity to experience a live concert, but just for a moment, think back to the last musician or band you saw perform. Are you there? Remember how you could sense the crowd around you? You could feel the music coursing through you, making your heart beat faster. […]

Treat Employees Like Individuals to Motivate Millennial Workers

From Depression Era to Baby Boomers, to Generation X, every generation tends to look at the next with a little bit of disapproval. Now that Millennials have entered the workforce, they seem to be taking the brunt of the judgment. However, if you want to motivate millennial workers, you’ll want to realize that they can’t all […]

5 Communication Tips to Motivate Millennial Workers

When it comes to your employees, do you consider yourself a good communicator?  Even more importantly, do you consider yourself a good listener? If you’d like to better motivate your millennial workers, one of the key strategies is to listen to what they have to say. The millennials were not brought up in households where […]

How Do I Provide Structure to Motivate Millennial Workers?

While the latest generation of employees values freedom and inspiration, these cannot be achieved without one very important thing… structure. If you are looking to motivate millennial workers, you’ll want to create a well-structured environment for them to thrive in. It may seem counterintuitive, but there is actually quite a bit of freedom in structure. […]

Vary Assignments to Motivate Millennial Workers

In previous generations, employees were often satisfied doing the same type of work for their entire career. That has changed. If you are hoping to motivate millennial workers, consider offering them the freedom and the opportunities to explore different projects, positions, and departments. Consider this: Rock stars love a good jam session. It’s not just […]

Encourage Teamwork to Motivate Millennial Workers

These days, fewer employees want to come to the office and work for 8 hours with their head down. If you are looking to motivate millennial employees, consider incorporating collaborative projects and promoting teamwork in the workplace. Millennials have grown up in a completely connected world. From social media to video games, they are rarely […]

7 Ways to Offer Feedback and Motivate Millennial Workers

Your Baby Boomers or Gen X employees may be comfortable with their once a quarter or even once a year review, however, if you want to motivate millennial workers, you’ll want to offer feedback more often. The Millennial generation is used to getting constant feedback from their parents and teachers. This need for outside validation […]

5 Fun Ways to Motivate Millennial Workers

You know that memo that went out about 30 years ago saying that work shouldn’t be fun? Millennials never got that memo. If you want to motivate millennial workers, you’ll want to incorporate a sense of play into your business. You already know that millennials are looking for more than a paycheck. They want work […]