As a manager, one of your main jobs is to create an environment where employees work well together towards a common goal or vision. One of the ways to improve teamwork in the workplace is to ensure that each employee knows exactly what is expected of them and what should be left to others.

Marvelless Mark® compares a successful team to a successful band.  “Musicians talk about those awesome moments where the sound is “tight,” where all the instruments and vocal elements blend together to create something greater than anyone could create alone.”

When it’s time to put your band together, you don’t put a call out for “musicians.” You are looking for a singer, a guitarist, a bass player, a drummer, and maybe a keyboard player. When you bring on any of these people, they know exactly what their role is in the band. They don’t wonder if you want them to play a different instrument the next day. The guitarist won’t kick the drummer off his drums, and the bass player isn’t likely to sing over the lead vocalist. They know what their roles are and because of this, they can create music as one.

Now imagine that your department ran just as well. Everyone knows exactly what they’re doing. They are willing to help and support their fellow teammates, and no one is trying to shirk their responsibilities in the hope that someone else will pick up their slack.

This may get a little murky in situations where multiple projects are happening at once, and where employees don’t have set roles but rather fluid responsibilities based on the project at hand. The more work you do up front to communicate expectations, the better off it will be in the end.

The Benefits of Clearly Defined Responsibilities

  • Employees know what to do. They understand the goals of the group and they know exactly what they have to accomplish in order to reach those goals.
  • Employees enjoy working together. When they know exactly where their responsibilities end and their coworkers’ begin, they will be less likely to step on another employee’s toes to “look good” or to ignore their responsibility in the hopes that someone else will do it.
  • All aspects of the project get completed. Instead of everyone shying away from the less-enjoyable tasks, they are clearly assigned, communicated, and finished.

How to Define Responsibilities for your Staff

When it’s time to assign roles and responsibilities to your employees, there as several steps that you need to follow:

1) Complete an organizational audit where you list every single employee in the company or in your department.

2) Determine what roles you need filled and what projects you need completed. Do you have enough staff or do you need to hire? If you need to hire, consider exactly what the new employee will be doing and hire accordingly.

3) If you have all the staff necessary, review their existing job descriptions, the tasks that they are already responsible for, the skills that they have, and the tasks that they enjoy doing.

4) Choose the best employee for each role based off of the above characteristics. If you are giving someone responsibilities beyond their job description, be careful not to take away another employee’s responsibilities without explaining why you are doing so.

5) Clearly communicate to every employee what needs to be done and who within the team will be handling it.

Once you’ve followed these steps, stick to your decisions. Changing responsibilities in the middle of a project may leave employees frustrated, overwhelmed, and angry with both you and their co-workers.

When you clearly define each employee’s roles and responsibilities, you create a harmonious environment where your team can work together as one. When they work together, rock star results are just around the corner.

“We do great work together and we do inspire each other, and I think we have a very good sense of how much further we can go in the company of each other than just on our own.” — Adam Clayton, U2

Mark Kamp® aka Marvelless Mark® works with organizations who want their teams to achieve immediate rock star results. A Keynote Speaker/Entertainer/Author, Husband, Father, and child of God, his primary message, “Opportunity Rocks®” gives attendees a fresh new perspective on Sales, Marketing, and Employee Performance. Fun and engaging, Mark combines the success secrets of your favorite rock stars with just the right amount of entertainment to transform your employees into business rockstars.

Turnover is a constant source of stress in most companies. In order to improve teamwork in the workplace, you need to find a way to limit the “revolving door” aspect of hiring, and keep your employees happy, engaged, and focused on the greater good.

When employees work together for long periods of time, they become like a family and are more capable of surviving whatever may come their way. Think about bands that have been together since the beginning: Aerosmith, U2, and Fall Out Boy – they may have their difficulties, they may have their arguments, but when it comes down to it, they do what is best for the band. They have a vision and they follow it.

Marvelless Mark® tells his clients that if everyone is committed to doing what’s best for the band, and has the vision clearly fixed in their minds, you will be in a much better position to deal with any difficulties that come your way.

When you hire the right employees, train your team well, reward them often, and only fire when absolutely necessary, you create a cohesive unit that will stick together through thick and thin, and ultimately create and maintain a successful company.

Hire Smart

Posting a job opening can be an exciting time for your department. You have the opportunity to bring in an amazing employee who will gel with your other employees and take your team to the next level. But then the resumes start pouring in and you are up to your ears in potential hires. It’s like you hung a sign in a coffee shop saying “Guitarist wanted.”

There are things you can do to cut down on the overwhelm of hiring a new employee, and find the right fit for your culture.

  1. Know your culture. You must know what your company is about and what drives your culture before you can find someone that matches it.
  2. Know what position you need filled and what kind of person would be good for it. If you don’t clearly understand your ideal employee, you can’t hire them.
  3. Write clear job descriptions to limit the number of applicants who don’t qualify.
  4. Pay attention to personality as much as qualifications and experience. They may be amazing at what they do, but if they don’t fit in with your team, they won’t last long. Doing a group interview may be helpful to see if they complement your existing employees.
  5. Follow your gut. When it comes to hiring, the most “qualified” applicant may make you feel queasy. It’s okay to listen to your instincts and choose the one you believe will fit the best.

Train Well

If you don’t train your employees properly in the beginning, they will be frustrated and unsuccessful, and it will create a rift with other employees on your team who are stuck picking up the slack. You wouldn’t ask your drummer to play the guitar when the guitarist isn’t hitting the right notes.

In order to train your employees properly, you must:

  1. Identify what duties they have and what skills they need to carry out those duties.
  2. Provide a mixture of classroom, online, and hands-on training.
  3. Assign them a mentor to show them how to do their job and how to assimilate into the company culture.
  4. Provide outside training and motivation from professional speakers and trainers who can offer a new perspective.

Reward Often

Employees that feel respected and appreciated will stick around much longer than someone whose only motivation is their paycheck.

Offer rewards for hitting sales goals, recognition for a job well done, and show appreciation for teamwork. This supports a culture of working together rather than stepping on one another to succeed.

Fire Infrequently

When you fire a band member, even if you replace him quickly, there is an adjustment period. They need to learn the music, and even more importantly, they need to establish rapport with the other band mates.

Hiring and firing employees is no different. It will take them weeks (if not months) to get up to speed on their duties and the company itself, and there will be an awkward period of adapting to the rhythm of your team.

Sometimes, firing an employee is necessary. However, there are times where they can be moved to another position and repurposed. If this is possible, you may just find that they are the perfect employee.

Creating a winning team is about finding people who will work towards the same goal. When you hire the right musicians for your band, train them well, reward them consistently, and replace them as infrequently as possible, your team will create rock star results for your company.

“We don’t fight, but we all have strong personalities. But in the end, we want the same thing. You know, we’re very competitive: We want to be on the radio, have big singles. We don’t want to be thought of as a veteran band.” — Larry Mullen Jr. (U2)

Mark Kamp® aka Marvelless Mark® works with organizations who want their teams to achieve immediate rock star results. A Keynote Speaker/Entertainer/Author, Husband, Father, and child of God, his primary message, “Opportunity Rocks®” gives attendees a fresh new perspective on Sales, Marketing, and Employee Performance. Fun and engaging, Mark combines the success secrets of your favorite rock stars with just the right amount of entertainment to transform your employees into business rockstars.

You’ve hired the best people in the industry. They are intelligent, eager to excel, and fearless when it comes to sales. Unfortunately, they aren’t working together. You need a way to improve teamwork in the workplace quickly so you can meet your sales goals and create the rock star results you’re looking for.

How do you inspire your employees to work as a band rather than solo artists? By clearly communicating your vision.

What is Vision?

Vision is a band’s (or department’s) unifying force. It is a common purpose that everyone works toward. Having a vision helps to set goals, motivate employees, and organize your efforts so you are working as one.

As Marvelless Mark® says, “When your vision is clear, humble beginnings, setbacks, and disappointments won’t matter.”

Your vision doesn’t have to be huge, but it does have to be specific and well-articulated. And most importantly, everyone on your team needs to know and embrace it.

Benefits of an Effective Vision

Having an effective vision can work wonders for your sales team and ultimately improve your bottom line. And effective vision:

  1. Provides an overarching direction for the team and serves as a guidepost for employees.
  2. Allows you to create goals for individual employees and for the team as a whole.
  3. Empowers employees to make decisions for the betterment of the company instead of having to pass each question up to management.
  4. Aligns people across the department and across the organization.
  5. Creates an environment of teamwork where each individual employee is working towards something greater than themselves.

How to Craft an Effective Vision

In order to create your vision, you need to follow these 5 steps:

  1. Focus on the future. What would you like the company to accomplish or look like 5 or 10 years from now? Giving your employees the opportunity to weigh in on the company vision will make them even more invested in making it happen.
  2. Make it Purpose-Driven. When it comes down to it, employees (especially Millenials) want to know that they are not just making money for upper management, but that they are making a difference in the world.
  3. Make it Unique. What makes your company different from others in the same industry? Your vision should clearly state what makes your company special.

Shock rocker, Marilyn Manson said, “I like to make people think differently than they did before I walked in the room.”

  1. Identify your Core Values. What are the beliefs that your company operates under? What is the attitude that you’d like to inspire among your team members? When your core values become a part of your vision, they also become a part of each employee’s operating system.
  2. Make it Uncomfy. What kind of vision would “We will make just enough money to pay our bills,” be? Your vision should stretch the self-imposed limits of your team. It should make them strive for something greater than they ever thought was possible. It should challenge the status quo.

Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino talks about his first meeting with rapper Jay-Z. Instead of asking how much money he’d be paid, Jay-Z asked: “Can we change the business together?”

Having and communicating a strong vision is one of the most important things you can do for your team. When you want your band to work together and create magic, you need to have a vision. Once you have a vision, you can focus on making plans and commitments. You can inspire greatness and achieve rock star results.

Mark Kamp® aka Marvelless Mark® works with organizations who want their teams to achieve immediate rock star results. A Keynote Speaker/Entertainer/Author, Husband, Father, and child of God, his primary message, “Opportunity Rocks®” gives attendees a fresh new perspective on Sales, Marketing, and Employee Performance. Fun and engaging, Mark combines the success secrets of your favorite rock stars with just the right amount of entertainment to transform your employees into business rockstars. Learn more at

Do you get paid to play? Is your company’s mission statement also your mission statement? Does it have anything to do with you having fun?  What if you added the word fun to your mission statement or your company’s vision?  Would that make a difference in your culture? Would it make a difference in how you interact with your customers or associates? Your boss? Your employees? Your family? Would it make you want to jump out of bed and go to work or go to play everyday? Think about it. From a very small infant what are you programed to do? Play! We play as a baby, we play at school, and we played in college.  Some of us a little more than others. So why wouldn’t you naturally just want to play at work? Guess what rock stars love to do? PLAY. But not just on stage! They play at home, and they play hard. But they play with a purpose. Their play is in alignment with their D Chord. They have big unreasonable DREAMS. They have Dreams or a mission statement of their company. They have a rock star mindset. Great leaders play with a purpose and lead their teams to do just that. They have a rock star mindset. That is when Opportunity Rocks. But what does that look like? It starts with a small shift in the way you think. Shift happens. Change the way you think, change the way you feel. Or in this case, change the way you think, change the way you play. To help that shift to happen here are three action items you can do.

  1. Re-write your mission or vision statement. Making it clear, laser focused, meaningful and add the words play or fun to it. If you are going to spend over 8 hours a day, 5 to 6 days a week, 50 weeks a year, and 30 to 40 years of your life doing something wouldn’t you rather have fun doing it? Refuse to grow up.
  2. Re-write your company’s mission or vision statement. Make it clear, more purposeful and work in the words- fun and play. Then take it up the ladder to whoever has the power to change it. Sell them on your idea. Do your homework first. Show them the research of how company’s productivity and employee and customer engagement goes up with companies that have a “play with a purpose” culture. Companies that have a rock star mindset.
  3. Just do it. Thank you Nike. Play your A Chord and take immediate action everyday. If your company doesn’t buy into it at first, be a rock star and break the rules. Pretend they did and just start doing it on your own. Share it with other team members and watch it spread. Excitement is contagious. That’s when the magic really happens and you drive change instead of change driving you. Marvelless Mark said, “Rock stars drive change not ride it.” Eventually someone will notice.

Maybe you’re saying, “easier said than done”, or “we are not allowed to have fun at work”. Says who? Is it a written policy? Let’s pull a Mike Rayburn and say, “What if?”. What if you could play with a purpose? What would it look like? What would you say, do and act like? Isn’t that worth a shot? If you’re dedicating such a large chunk of your life to something let’s make it fun. Research shows people learn and perform better when their having fun. If you don’t love your job, then love why you do it. Thank you Tony Robbins. Find a way to have fun.

If you don’t make sacrifices for the things you want, the things you want become the sacrifices. I challenge you to start thinking like a rock star. Look for ways to play with a purpose at work and at home. This stuff works great for relationships and families too.

Please share and repost this article. Let’s Rock Change!





“Marvelless” Mark Kamp is a Keynote Entertainer/Keynote Speaker, Author, Husband, Father, and child of God. He works with organizations who want their teams to achieve rock star results. He does this in a fun and engaging way using the success secrets of rock stars and the right amount of entertainment.

Have you or someone you know ever been affected in some way by cancer? Many people have it and it sucks. But I’m certain it can put you in perspective on just how precious life is and the time left we have on this planet. Do you know the amount of weeks you have left? How many weekends you have left if you live an average life span? Well, think about this… in the United States the average age for a person to live is …….. That’s, …… weeks, or ….. weekends or ……. Days…..WOW! And for me at age 57 I only have….

I am in the business of helping people make a difference. Either in business with my rock star results driven business presentation called Opportunity Rocks, or through the serving and work we do at our church in Las Vegas called Verve. A church for people who don’t like church. We have a sign that says,”No perfect people allowed.” Check us out on-line, all or our rock star sermons are available on line.

What are you in business for? Well, what ever it is, time is running out. That’s if the law or averages are in your favor. I recently was asked for the second year in a row to emcee, entertain, and be the auctioneer for the 37 annual American Cancer Society Gala in my hometown in Missouri. It’s a major event for the small city of Cape Girardeau. The committee is made up of local volunteers from working moms, to Dr’s wives, and a local college sorority, just to name a few. The whole community shows huge support for this event. They bring a flare of Las Vegas to town for a few hours. They also honor a local cancer survivor who actually used the services provided. It’s a lot of blood, sweat, and tears! A lot of stress and a few choice words, but in the end they raised over $150,000.

So what is my point? That the one thing we all have an equal amount of is time. What kind of value do you put on it? How much is your time worth? How much of it do you waste on family feuds? Or spend being mad at your friends? How about the time spent on TV show’s binge watching? Or turning down opportunities to serve and help others in need. Mother nature has been pretty mad the last couple of months. Our country is divided instead of united over petty stuff  that people will probably forget in a few months. Or until the next drama fest comes along. Change your mindset today, flip the script of your life, start something that is exciting that will help someone change something. So many people blow it off by saying, “I am only one person.” But a viral tweet or post can be stated with just one click or share. When you have a lot of people all doing that same thing at the same time, all passionate about the same dream or a vision, that’s when the magic happens. That’s when you become a Bon Jovi, a Kiss, a Jay Z or Beyoncé.  That’s what it means to build a rock star team with a rock star dream. Building your fan base or Kiss Army that will follow you in battle. Will there be pain and suffering along the way? Probably. Will there be hardship and toil? Probably. Will if be worth it? Just ask any rock star of the cancer gala volunteer group and they will give you a HELL YA! We as humans are designed to love and to give, to help and to serve. Start some random acts of kindness today expecting nothing in return. Say yes and teach others to say yes, teach your children to say yes, your friends and neighbors to say yes. Wouldn’t you rather be on the stage then sitting in the cheap seats? What do you have to lose? Besides time. How much time do you have left?





“Marvelless” Mark Kamp is a Keynote Entertainer/Keynote Speaker, Author, Husband, Dad, and believes in God. He works with organizations who want their teams to achieve rock star results. He does this in a fun, entertaining, and engaging way using the success secrets of rock stars.