Transform your event’s attendees into business rockstars with Opportunity Rocks®, the high-energy, interactive keynote event from engagement guru, author and speaker Mark Kamp®, aka Marvelless Mark®

Through Opportunity Rocks, your attendees will learn:

  • What Steve Jobs’ infatuation with the Beatles can teach us about creating a vision for the future
  • How to think like a rock star and break rules that need to be broken
  • Why an action-oriented culture can help create exponential growth
  • How to adopt the innovative mindset of global artists like Jay Z, Lady Gaga, The Rolling Stones and many more
  • How to act like a headliner and drive change rather than ride it

Raving Fans

Who Have Previously Rocked with Marvelless Mark®!

An experience unlike any other!

Your audience will learn, laugh, get on their feet and get ready to take action to transform their business. They may even get to pretend they’re Led Zeppelin’s John Bonham or The Who’s Keith Moon through Marvelless Mark’s special Rhythms in Business finale.

But no matter what, your audience will leave with one prevailing thought:
Their inner business rock star does exist, and it’s finally ready to take the stage.

Opportunity Rocks!

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Opportunity Rocks® will turn your team into business rock stars by learning and applying the brilliant success secrets of your favorite rock stars, in a fun, interactive keynote event with energy, music and a powerful message of Vision, Action and Change.