You are a leader-At least of your own band!!


As we keep on truckin’ and learning what it takes to master being a BUSINESS ROCKSTAR, the next step we explore is…..You are a leader, at least of your own band!

Have you ever noticed that in most life situations a leader is required?? How many bands would break-up and how many businesses would crumble without the strength of a strong leader??

ALL OF THEM!! Having a leader with vision and strength is the backbone to any good band, business or any function or event. It takes someone to step up to the plate, take the reins and drive home the theme or goal. Using your skills as a leader (in whichever position you hold) will not only help others and make you feel needed but, it will ultimately contribute to the betterment of the business, event or “band” as a whole.

You Don’t necessarily have to be the boss to be a leader. Doing your job to the best of the ability provides the leadership for others that is needed to keep the wheels a turnin’ and the gears oiled. Taking this roll not only means bossing people around, it means acting in a way that commands respect, setting an example of hard work, providing counsel for people who need help and just all in all providing that winning attitude that is required by a powerful leader.

Keep in mind that most bands have a powerful and recognizable leader that sets the tone for the entire band and their success. Would Aerosmith be as recognized and successful without Steven Tyler and his vision and example?? I think not!!

“Dream on, dream on, dream yourself a dream come true!” -Steven Tyler

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