Want to know what you have in common with every rock star that has ever lived? You are your own best product. You are the sum of your talent, your efforts, and your values. If you want to be comfortable and confident selling Brand You, then invest your energies into developing your inner rock star:

  • Practice your instrument. Tap into your gifts and commit to using them well. Educate yourself. Practice. Strive for excellence.
  • Move people with your music. Use your powers for good. Connect with the people around you. Encourage them. Use your unique skills to make a positive impact. Making money and making the world a better place are not mutually exclusive. Rock stars do it all the time.
  • Put your gold records on the wall. If you have a success, celebrate! Tell the people you love. Put those titles and mementos on your wall, your website, wherever. You won’t have to point them out; others will notice on their own.
  • Look toward the next record. Set goals for yourself. When you achieve them, set new ones. If a project fails or disappoints, prepare to try again. Never let your last album be your last album. And don’t make the same record twice.

Let’s hear it rock star…what’s your brand?

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