You can harmonize with everyone else in the band. As we continue on our journey to learn what it takes to be a Rockstar, our willingness to work with others while keeping our own goals in mind comes into play….

It is nice to be the best on your own but; most of us know it takes the help of trusted friends and colleagues to get us where we need to be. Our ability to harmonize with our co-workers and friends and family will ALWAYS continue to our overall success. How many bands do you know would be successful if they didn’t listen to their band mates and take their opinions into consideration???

We are not saying give up your individual goals, what we are saying is to make sure you have an excellent “band” to work with, because 2 heads are always better than one!

We are also not saying give up your individuality as a solo artist but, what we are saying is when working together as a team or a “band” you have to be able to harmonize as a force to be reckon with in order to attain that “chart topper” or breakthrough record” we are all trying to achieve!

“It takes no genius to see that a one-man band will never get very big -Charles Garfield

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