While we continue on our journey to what it takes to be a Business Rockstar in our personal and professional lives we come to possibly the most important step—- You have a confidence- a swagger Why is this so important you ask??

Well, its simple….. how can we ask our families, friends, consumers, employees or clients to have confidence in us if we Don’t have confidence in ourselves?? The confidence I am talking about is the belief in ourselves and what we are doing or offering. People need to feel inspired and motivated in order to be receptive to what we have to say or do.

How many people do you know that would invest in a product the inventor didn’t really believe in?? NONE!! That’s the bottom line. No matter what we are pitching, selling or trying to get people to believe, our confidence will be the main selling point. Here is the definition of SWAGGER-

Swagger is to to move with confidence, sophistication and to be cool. Swagger is to conduct yourself in a way that would automatically earn respect

Bottom Line is- We believe in the people we believe in sometimes simply because they have confidence in themselves and what they are offering. Our confidence is the most important thing is getting our message across!! Check out this article on confidence in business.

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