You must have superior talent


As we continue to learn what we can do to become “rockstars” in our personal and business lives, we must take into account how and why we are striving for that goal. We must reinforce our passion every day and keep our feet moving on the path to “stardom”!!

The first stop on that path is to truly learn what it takes to become a “rockstar” and what we can do to make our inner “rockstar” shine through!

The first thing it takes is………………

You have superior talent, you can play and sing –

You have learned to do what you do, as well as you possibly can do it. In order to be successful, you have to develop and hone your skills (talents). This may mean spending extra time at the computer or reading information about your company and then putting what you’ve learned into action. Do you think any great band would take the stage without developing their talent first?? So why should you???

Secondly, you must be aware of the other things going on around you, not just your skill. For example, what happens if someone is unable to perform their job, and what they do is needed for the company goal to be achieved?? If you can do more than just what you do and can step in and help, the company goal is reached and your achievements will most likely not go unnoticed! All of us must make sure we can do more than just our job in order to be successful.

How many bands do you think have gotten anywhere if they passed up gigs just because they couldn’t find someone to step in and play for someone who was sick?? How would they ever survive? Sometimes you just have to step up and shine!!!

A friend of mine that knew Glenn Frey of the Eagles said he told him- “we never took the stage until they practiced a new song at least a hundred times in a row perfectly.”

How much better would your job, presentation, or product knowledge be if you practiced it one hundred times in a row before you took the stage???? Imagine the possibilities…..

In these challenging and shifting time there is nothing better than to use that time to take advantage of doing extra research and get back to honing our skills….it can only make us that much better!!

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